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Server Management

You can view, edit and remove monitored servers from the home screen.

To edit a server, hover over the corresponding tile, and click on the edit icon:

Servers Management Screenshot 1

A dialog box will appear. Here you can edit:

  • The alias of the server
  • The Server URL
  • The Server Hostname and IP address.
  • The Server RDP port. By default, it is 3389

Click validate to save your changes.

Servers Management Screenshot 2

To remove a server, click on the X icon when hovering over the tile of the server you want to remove. You will be asked to confirm your choice. NOTE: deleting a server will delete all the data associated with this server: performance, user activity, alerts, etc...

Servers Management Screenshot 3

To add a new server, click on the "Add new server" tile, in home page:

Servers Management Screenshot 4

Server Monitoring will present you with the options for adding a server:

Servers Management Screenshot 5

You have two different ways of adding a new server to monitor:

  • Log in to the server you would like to monitor and browse to: http://YourMonitoringServerUrl:7778/download/Setup-Agent.exe
  • you also can directly download the agent and send it to the server you would like to monitor.

You can now launch the Setup-Agent.exe file, and install it.

Servers Management Screenshot 6

Accept the license and click on next

Servers Management Screenshot 7

Here you can change the location of the files installed.

Servers Management Screenshot 8

Enter the url of the main server where Server Monitoring is installed. Do not change the port number (7778). Then click on next. The Agent install only takes a moment.

The server you just added will appear in your monitored servers list shortly. Don't be alarmed if the new server appears offline.

Servers Management Screenshot 9

After a few moments of data collection on the new server, it will appear active and online in Server Monitoring

Servers Management Screenshot 10

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