RDS-Server Monitoring On-line User Guide

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Run the Server Monitoring Setup program and then follow the installation steps.

Note: Windows will prompt you to run the setup as Administrator.

Setup Screenshot 1

Click on "Next".

Setup Screenshot 2

Accept the License Agreement

Setup Screenshot 3

Server Monitoring uses SQL or SQL Express to manage the databases of information it collects. Choose either the default instance or your own pre-existing SQL instance

Setup Screenshot 3

Server Monitoring will now download the necessary assets to complete your installation.

Please be patient - It can take a few minutes to fully install the software and its prerequisites.

Setup Screenshot 5
NOTE: You may be required to restart your computer before using Server Monitoring.

You can now open Server Monitoring by clicking on the shortcut created on your desktop.
You will be greeted by the home screen of the Administration Console:
Setup Screenshot 8

The free trial of Server Monitoring is a fully featured 15 day license.