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Define Computer Information

The Computer Information section provides a customizable template for Remote Support to gather critial Hardware, OS and Software data from the Remote Computer. View all relevant technical information at a glance.

Computer Informations

This feature has been designed for experienced users only. If you are unsure of how to customize the template, please use the comprehensive default template provided.

Defining sections

Each section is described by a string of characters in brackets.

For example:


Defining an entry for a Registry Value

To dispay a registry value, separate the registry key full path and the registry value name with a pipe.

Note that multiple values can be displayed, each separated by a space between the brackets.

For example:

Windows Version = {Registry|HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion|ProductName} {Registry|HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion|CurrentBuild}

Defining an entry for a File Version

To dispay a version of a file, indicate the full path of the file as follow.

For example:

RDP Version = {FileVersion|"C:\Windows\Sysnative\termsrv.dll"}

Defining an entry for an Environment Value

To dispay the value of an environment variable, indicate the name of the variable as follow.

Hint: Utilize the set command on Command Prompt to list all the environment variables.

For example:

Computer Name= {Environment|MachineName}

Defining an entry for a File Line

To dispay a line from a file, indicate the line number and the full path of the file as follow.

For example:

Client Version = {FileLine|1|RemoteSupport-version.txt}