RDS-Remote Support On-line User Guide

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Interact with the Remote Session

While connected to a remote session using the "Remote Control" access mode, information and administration tools are available on the right side of the shared screen.

A quick breakdown of the tools available to support agents:

Agent Chatbox


Give the Support Agent the ability to change settings such as the current Remote Support client language.

Settings Icon

Start Recording

Capture and save video of the Remote Support session.

Recording Icon

Take Screenshot

Capture and save screenshots within the Remote Support session.

Take Screenshot Icon

System Tools

This section contains quick links to the remote computer's Task Manager, Services Manager, Control Panel, System Configuration, Registry Editor, Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell.

System Tools Icon

Send Command

Enables the Support Agent to send the ctrl+alt+del keyboard command or start Task Manager on the Remote Computer.

Send Command Icon

Change Monitor Displayed

Quickly scroll through available displays if the Remote Computer uses a multi-monitor configuration.

Change Monitor Icon

Enable/Disable Clipboard Synchronization

Controls the Remote Agent's ability enable or disable clipboard functionality between the Agent and End-User PCs.

Clipboard Synchronisation Icon

Remote Remote Computer Information

Displays OS, Hardware and User Account data from the Remote PC, as configured in Advanced Administrator Settings

Remote Computer Information Icon

Show Participants

Show the participant list of the current session.

Participants Icon

Upload File

Enables the Support Agent to move files from his support environment to the Remote PC for troubleshooting or repairs.

Upload File Icon

Show Chat

Brings the Chat Box back to the main chat window.

Show Chat Icon