Web Applications Portal: Parameters in URL address

If you want to bypass RDS-WebAccess standard logon Web Access page when using the Web Applications Portal and go directly to the Web Applications Portal page, you must specify several parameters in the URL address:

  • user login
  • user password
  • user domain
  • server
  • port
  • client type (HTML5, JAVA or Windows)

Here is an example of a full URL address for user "john" with password "demo" on localhost server with an HTML5 client:


The domain, server, port and type parameters being optional, the following URL address has exactly the same behavior:


To use a JAVA client, use:


To use a Windows client, use:


Using those parameters in the URL address, you can go directly to the Web Applications Portal page.

You do not have to specify all these parameters at the same time: the parameters not specified will have their default configured value.