Run the RDS-WebAccess setup program and then follow the installation steps.

Please note that you must run this Setup as an Administrator, but don't worry, Windows will automatically require it.

Setup Screenshot 1

Click on "Next" if you agree to the license.

Setup Screenshot 2

Since version 12.20, in case the latest version of Java is not found on the system, RDS-WebAccess automatically offers - during setup and updates - to download and install OpenJDK 11. OpenJDK is the open source part of Java, also used to build the Oracle JDK:

Setup Screenshot 2

The Setup is now ready to install RDS-WebAccess on your computer. Click on "install" to start the actual installation. A progress bar is displayed and allows you to follow the installation progress. Please be patient, as it can sometimes take up to a few minutes to fully install the software.

Setup Screenshot 3

  • Since RDS-WebAccess 11.40 version, you will have the choice to install RDS-Knight, our powerful Security Add-On, in its Ultimate trial version (All Security features free to use for 2 weeks) to your RDS system:

Screenshot 4

For more information about this product, see pages about RDS-Knight Ultimate included features and documentation.

You now have to reboot:

Setup Screenshot 5

The installation is now finished, you can now start using RDS-WebAccess!

The free trial version is fully featured for 2 weeks and 10 users.

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