Events viewer

Since RDS-Knight version 2.0, RDS-Knight records the last 250 security events, which can be listed from the Events Viewer. The security events are a great source of information as they display the operations performed by RDS-Knight to protect your computer.

The Events Viewer window can be opened from the RDS-Knight main window, by cicking on the button labeled "See RDS-Knight Events Viewer", or the translated text relevant to your language setting. The information displayed on the Events Viewer window are refreshed automatically every few seconds.

Screenshot Events Viewer 1

Note: The RDS-Knight Events Viewer window can be moved around and does not prevent you from using the other RDS-Knight feature.

The five tiles at the top of the window displays a status for each RDS-Knight features.

Screenshot Events Viewer 2

In the example above, the One Click to Secure Desktops status shows 5 user session configured. Also, the example warn that the Endpoint Protection and Device Control feature is not enabled. The status are displayed according to the security events recorded. The window title highlights the oldest security events.

The list of security events presents four columns, which describes the severity, the date of the check or performed operation, the associated feature icon and the description.

Screenshot Events Viewer 3

Note that the example above ilustrates real life bruteforce attacks attempts managed by RDS-Knight. The description often explains why the action was performed or not. As illustrated, retaliatory actions are often written in red and highlighted with a red shield icon.

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